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CODE: D001

Diamond Rough
0.3 - 1.5 carat
USD $ 190/Crt
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CODE: Z001

Emerald Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE: R001

Ruby Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE: S001

Sapphire Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
Detail report
CODE: Y001

Yellow Sapphire Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE:  C001

Cat Eyes Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 30/Crt
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 GemsPrice now offers gemological certificates for nearly all gemstone varieties we sell.

Those shopping for gemstone jewelry might want to know a bit more about the stone or stones that they are about to buy. Some are looking for specific birthstones, anniversary stones, or other Gemstone Occasions and need help finding the right stone for a particular event. Others are simply attracted by the spectacular color, fire and brilliance of fine Gemstone Jewelry and are interested in current fashion trends. Those who are familiar with shopping for fine jewelry might be looking for detailed gemmological information, such as a gemstone certificate or gemstone report.
It is rare to find a retailer offering gemstone jewelry with complimentary gemstone certifications. However, most reputable jewelers almost always list the basic attributes and qualities of the stone they are selling. These typically include size, color, clarity, weight, and dimension. Those interested in procuring a special identification number and a detailed analysis of their gemstone characteristics might want to consider submitting their gemstone or gemstone jewelry to be laboratory certified.
What is a Gemstone Certificate?
A gemstone certificate or gemstone report is an official document issued by a licensed gemological laboratory that states the characteristics and qualities of your gemstone. Unlike Diamond Grading Reports, gemstone certificates do not include any quality grading or present any standardized grading scales.
A number of gemological laboratories offer gemstone certification services, the most reputable being the Gemological Institute of America, or the GIA. The GIA offers several options for those looking to have their gemstone professionally evaluated: A Colored Stone Identification Report, a Colored Stone Origin Report, or a Colored Stone Analytical Report. These three documents serve as a way to map the stone and identify its specific properties and qualities.
GIA Colored Stone Identification Report
These reports identify the material of your specific gemstone, outline its color, transparency, shape, cut, dimensions, and weight, and include a digital color photo of the stone. They also determine whether the gemstone is natural, synthetic, or a combination of the two, and report any perceptible enhancement treatments that the gem has undergone. Colored Stone Identification Reports can be issued for any polished, rough, loose, or set gem.
GIA Colored Stone Origin Reports
These reports offer the same information as the Identification Reports, adding only a place of origin, when possible to determine.
GIA Colored Stone Analytical Reports
These reports offer the same information as the Identification Reports, and additionally provide the full data from which the assessments of the gemstone where established. This data may include visual spectroscopy, inclusions, refraction index, chemical analysis, and more. Only natural rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and tourmalines may have the geographic origin included upon request, when possible to determine.

Here is a sample certificate from GIA:

Gems Certification


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