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CODE: D001

Diamond Rough
0.3 - 1.5 carat
USD $ 190/Crt
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CODE: Z001

Emerald Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE: R001

Ruby Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE: S001

Sapphire Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE: Y001

Yellow Sapphire Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 40/Crt
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CODE:  C001

Cat Eyes Rough
1.5 - 10 carat
USD $ 30/Crt
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Gems Price  is a special selling Precious gemstone. such as loose Diamonds, loose Emeralds, loose Ruby and loose SapphireGems Price as an online store that works with several companies gemstones in the world to provide a product special gemstones. Gems Price Guarantee and Assurance that all products are Natural gemstones that is created from the earth. Gems Price  do not deal with synthetic gemstones. Gems Price also cooperate in the company making Gem Certificate already trusted and recognized.

Gemstone is a mineral stone that formed from the results of geological processes that elements consist of one or several chemical components that have a high selling price. Gemstone of the most expensive in the world's most desirable is the crystalline like Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The gem is perfect used jewelry.

Loose DiamondDiamond "In mineralogy" is metastable allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of a cubic crystal structure. Stone famous Diamond as a material with superlative physical qualities, most of which originate from the strong covalent bonding between atoms. In particular, diamond is a precious stone type harshest that has a value of 10 on the Mohs scale 10 and the thermal conductivity of various bulk materials. In addition Diamonds are one of the most expensive precious stones that caused the stone is very rare and has a sparkle or can emit light. There are also colored Diamonds such as the Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond and Black Diamond. Diamond Mine (Diamond Rock) are found in Africa. Diamond symbolizes purity, glory, wealth and power for the wearer.

Loose EmeraldEmerald is a gemstone green to dark green. Emerald including silicate mineral beryl (containing beryllium) and the green color is caused by trace chromium (Be3Al2SiO6). The presence of vanadium and chromium iron accompanying trace will cause a variety of zones at the green color. Emerald including high hardness (7.5 on a scale of 10 Mohr). Best emeralds come from Colombia, because the green color of emerald is very sharp, even towards an old green and crystal. It's different if Emeralds from Brazil or Russia has green younger. Jade symbolizes elegance, coolness and authority for the wearer.

Loose RubyRuby is a red gemstone that has a variation between pink to blood red and is one type of the mineral corundum (Al2O3). Ruby types including very hard rock which has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale 10. Red color on Ruby mainly caused by chromium (aluminum oxide) with hexagonal krsstal system. Best ruby red colored blood and crystals that come from Burma (Myanmar). While Africa Stone Ruby red in color rather dark and not crystal. Ruby symbolizes courage, strength and good luck to the wearer.

Loose SapphireSapphire is the single crystal form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), a mineral known as corundum. Corundum group including pure aluminum. A small number of other elements such as iron, titanium, and chromium give blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or greenish against Blue sapphire. Sapphire types including very hard rock which has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale 10. Blue Sapphire including all variations in the quality of the mineral corundum except the fully saturated red color, known as Ruby. Sapphire which best comes from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Kashmir (India), where both types of Sapphire is the most widely sought after because the quality is very good. Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, glory and honor for the wearer.

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